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Placing a true value in customer service, we at Elona Spa will make your experience a retreat, assuring complete confidentiality and privacy.

Vichy Shower

The Vichy water massage, which originated in France, consists of a wet treatment table and a seven head shower system designed to sooth, soften, and renew your entire body.


This treatment begins with an all over body shampoo to bring red blood circulation to the surface.  Next, a sugar scrub to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells. Then a high pressure treatment known as Scots Hose to massage the body and remove additional dead skin cells. And just when you think you're finished and it couldn't get any better, the Vichy Shower brings the sensation of a "Tropical Rainforest" where the seven headed shower reinvigorates your entire being! 


Sessions are available from 30 minutes to an hour.


Body Waxing


Male & Female

Waxing is one of the most effective and safest methods of removing unwanted hair on men and women. Waxing leaves the skin smoother and free from stubble for 4-6 weeks. New hair growth will be finer and softer with each wax.

Upper Body Waxing

Facial hair, Ears, Nose, Stomach, Chest, Back & Shoulders, Lower Back, Full Arms, Half Arms, Under Arms, and Hands.


Yes, waxing is for men too! All areas of the body can be safely waxed for that silky smooth look, touch, and feel.​

Lower Body Waxing

Full Legs, Lower Legs, Upper Legs, Inner Thighs, Buttocks, Toes, Bikini Line, Deep Bikini, Brazilian Bikini, and Playboy Bikini.

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