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Elona uses warm cloths to heat your body first and then work the sugar scrub into the area using a gentle massage. Once complete, damp cloths are used to remove any residue that settled on the skin. Sugar Scrub is gentler on the skin, smells great and leads to better muscle relaxation.

All in all, there are several sugar scrub benefits that help in excellent skin care.

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Your skin is exposed to hot and cold weather on a daily basis and this can cause your skin to become dry, itchy and flaky. Taking baths can clean away dirt but it does not remove the dry, flaky skin.

Winter is one of the most beautiful times of the year yet it’s also the time of year when essential skin care is most important.  If winter weather leaves your skin dehydrated and craving soothing relief, repair and protect your skin with a smoothing Sugar Scrub.

Sugar Scrub

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